Holiday visitors to Canada

Canada welcomes visitors from all over the world, enjoying a healthy tourist industry. Popular vacation sites beckon foreigners from the east coast to the west, with more than 5 million people making the trek to Canada each year for a holiday.

Some visitors flock to the urban centres for big city excitement, cultural events and sightseeing, while many choose to travel to the ski slopes in western Canada for recreational vacations.

Wherever one chooses to visit in this vast and exceptional country, care must be taken to have all papers and documents ready for entry. There are a few requirements that must be met to enter Canada on your vacation. Once these are in order your holiday should proceed with no hitches.

Will I need a visa?

While not every person requires a visit to visit Canada, citizens of many countries must obtain a visa prior to visiting or transiting in Canada. Citizenship and Immigration Canada provides an up-to-date list of all countries whose citizens must apply for a visa to visit Canada.

Valid identification

You will need a valid passport to enter Canada. You may also be asked to show valid onward travel documents supplied by your airline. Without these, you may be delayed or denied boarding.

What else do I need?

In addition to your passport and valid travel documents, you must be in good health and be able to satisfy a Canadian immigration officer that you will return to your country of origin at the end of your holiday to Canada. You must also show evidence that you have enough money for your stay, as you will not be allowed to undertake employment as a general visitor to Canada.

In making plans to vacation in Canada, you should ensure you have valid health insurance for any emergencies that could arise during the vacation. The Canadian health care system does not cover foreigners who are visiting Canada.

What could cause me to be deemed inadmissible?

Some potential visitors will not be allowed entry to Canada, such as those with involvement in criminal activity, human rights violations or organised crime. Security, health and financial reasons can also serve to make a visitor inadmissible to Canada.


Certain objects cannot be brought into Canada, including illegal drugs, firearms, perishable foods, and certain fruits or plants that could harbor dangerous or damaging pests.

As with most countries, there are restrictions placed on the amount of alcohol and tobacco a visit can bring into Canada.


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