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Get help with your Canadian visa

Get help with your Canadian visa

Canadian immigration consultants can give you professional help with your visa and advice on your visa application to Canada. The experts listed below can help you get your Canadian visa and set you on the right track to find a job in Canada.



Brazolot Migration Group

  Brazolot Migration Group

Brazolot Migration Group (B.M.G.) is a leading Canadian immigration provider for people moving to Canada. Our dedicated team has over 60 years' experience, helping  people achieve their goal of immigration to Canada. The team provides professional advice with career search and temporary work visas, which includes a full relocation service and assistance to those using Express Entry. Full Profile

Contact: Marion Comben  Email:  Website:

Canada Immigration Solutions

  Canada Immigration Solutions

Are you thinking of moving to Canada and need qualified and expert visa application service? You’ve come to the right place. We’re a UK BASED, Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultancy and Authorised Representative.

Contact: Mike Wilson  Email:  Website:


  Canada Immigration Partners

Matthew and Miho can turn your dream of living in Canada into a reality. Our professional immigration services help you and your family live, work or study in Canada. We also offer recruitment solutions to help you find the job to make it all possible.

Our first-hand experience of immigrating to Canada means we understand the challenges and concerns of new immigrants.


Complete our free assessment to find out if you qualify for Express Entry.

Book a consultation today or give us a call at 001-604-722-8930. We are flexible and can schedule a time that suits you.

Contact: Matthew Sell  Email:  Website:

Join Canada

  Join Canada

Roxanne Jessome of Join Canada is a trusted Canadian immigration consultant in the Irish & British communities. She's helped countless people solve the immigration puzzle, guiding them on the path to Canadian permanent residence.

Contact: Roxanne Jessome  Email:  Website:

Canadian Shield Immigration

  Canadian Shield Immigration

In addition to offering educational and certification support services for Internationally Educated Registered Nurses, Canadian Shield Immigration provides exceptional immigration and international business development services with the highest level of honesty, integrity, and professionalism.

Contact: Leigh Whyte  Email:  Website:

Fresh Start Migration

  Fresh Start Migration Ltd

Fresh Start Migration offer exceptional immigration consultancy to families and workers looking to relocate to Canada. As well as satisfying the employment needs of the Canadian economy, the Canadian immigration process places a high priority on the reunification of the family. Fresh Start Migration is an excellent starting point if you have questions on your specific requirements. Full Profile

Email:  Website:

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