Manitoba: a province rich in tradition

Manitoba, situated right in the middle of Canada, officially became a province in 1870, as it became independent from the Northwest Territories. It is the easternmost of the Prairie Provinces, and has a population of just under 1.2 million people.Manitoba

Manitoba was given its name by founder and Canadian politician Louis Riel. The name is derived from the native word 'manitou', which means spirit. The capital of Manitoba is Winnipeg, which is also its largest city at 633,451 people.

The climate

Manitoba experiences the full four seasons, and is known to have the greatest variance of temperature between seasons of any province in Canada.

The region is known for its long, beautiful, snowy winters; though the cold through the winter months is countered by mild, sun-drenched summer months during which average daily temperatures range from 15° to 25° C. Manitoba’s climate makes the province a great place to harvest.

The economy

Agriculture, tourism, mining, forestry, energy, oil and minerals make up the bulk of Manitoba’s economy. Farming is only found only in the southern parts of the province, and is mainly cattle and grains.

Portage la Prairie is famous for its potato processing plants that supply French fries to many fast food restaurant chains. Manitoba is the only Canadian province with an Arctic deep-water sea port. This sea port is the shortest passageway from Canada to Asia and Europe.


Manitoba is known for hosting several food, music and art festivals throughout the year. Every year, at the end of August, Morden plays host to the Apple and Corn Festival. This is a long-standing tradition in which the town of Morden closes its downtown to vehicles, and guests are treated to free apple cider and corn.

Manitoba also hosts several film festivals including the Gimli Film Festival and the NSI Film Exchange Canadian Film Festival.

Winnipeg hosts the Friendship Festival every year, which is held in Assiniboine Park. For years the festival was known as the Winnie the Pooh Festival, named after Winnipeg the bear, who inspired the character and the book.


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