Canada offers improved quality of life to migrants

Most new Canadians rate their life in Canada as being better than the life they had in their home countries, according to a poll conducted by Ipsos Reid on the newly launched Multicultural Connection Panel.

Quality of life and job opportunities better in Canada

According to the poll results, nearly nine in 10 new migrants feel that the overall quality of life in Canada is better than in their home country (that is 86% out of the total result, with 44% saying it is “much better” and 42% agreeing that life in Canada is “somewhat better”).

Only 9% of new migrants rate their Canadian life as being about the same as what they had in their home countries, with a small 5% believe that life was somewhat better in their home country.

When queried about their view on job opportunities, a leading 39% of new migrants believe job opportunities are better in Canada, while 36% think that better job opportunities existed in their home countries. For 25% of the people enquired, there is no perceived difference between the two countries when it comes to job opportunities.

“Immigrants come to Canada seeking a better life for their family and children... Recent immigrants to Canada are well-educated with professional degrees, and have extensive skills and work experience. More companies need to create or participate in programs to hire these new Canadians who are able to make an immediate contribution to the Canadian economy. They are our solution to Canada’s rapidly aging workforce, which we risk losing to reverse immigration back to their home countries,” commented Jill Hong, Vice-President at Ipsos Reid in Toronto.

Results are based on a survey conducted of 329 ethnic and new Canadians from 24 November to 1 December, 2008, and from 11 March to 31 March, 2009.


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