Choosing a school in Canada

Whether you are looking for primary schools or tertiary institutions in Canada, you will find a range of different options and high-standard, world leading institutions.

Many foreign students choose to pursue further education in Canada due to the country’s internationally recognised education, competitive prices and lifestyle.

Primary and secondary schools

Provincial governments in Canada are responsible for regulating all primary and secondary schools. Once you know where in Canada you will settle, you can find out more information about schools in that area through the Council of Ministers of Education (CMEC).

Universities and colleges

Each university and college in Canada has its own set of rules and criteria on how to apply, and they also decide the level of English or French competency that must be proven by applicants to meet acceptance standards. More information on post-secondary institutions can be obtained through the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada, the Association of Canadian Community Colleges, or the Canadian Centre for International Credentials.

Private career and vocational schools

Unlike with public schools, provincial governments in Canada do not necessarily regulate private schools. If you are thinking of applying for a private school, make sure you choose one that meets provincial education requirements. For more information, contact the National Association of Career Colleges.

Language schools

If you’re interested in expanding your knowledge of foreign languages, Canada has a wide range of language schools for you to choose from, teaching English and/or French as a second language.

Language programs in public schools are regulated by provincial governments. Language Canada is a great resource for more information on private language programs.


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