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If you are a company interested in finding out how we can help you find skilled and experienced staff or how you can advertise with Working In please see our business website

Can you help me get a job?

Working In is not a recruitment agency, which means we are unfortunately unable to find you a job. We will not be able to help you directly with job offers or career advice, nor will we be able to advise on your chances of securing a job. However, we may still be able to help.

Through Working In Canada, you will find many links to available jobs and employers seeking skilled workers. To browse all the employers currently recruiting through Working In, please click here.

I have registered and uploaded my CV. Why haven’t I been contacted by an employer?

Simply registering with Working In does not give potential employers access to your CV. You must apply directly for a vacant position before an employer will be able to view your CV and consider you for a role.

If you’ve applied for a job directly through one of the companies on our site but have not received a response, please keep in mind that the employers on our websites receive many applications. They are unable to respond directly to each application, but you can be assured they will get in touch if they’d like to take your application further.

Can you help me get a work visa?

As we are not an immigration agency, we are unfortunately unable to assist with specific visa enquiries.

We provide general information on the immigration here , but for queries specific to your individual situation, you will need to contact the government’s immigration department at

Where can I find our more about your expos?

We offer several targeted expos to help you find employment and information on a new life abroad. Visit the expo websites listed below for more information:

Will you email me with updated information?

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